Term of Service

ICT is pleased to welcome all service users to its website asean4all.org. ICT has developed this website to facilitate access to information in relation with the promote the use of ICT and to support AEC and ASCC. The use of this website is subject to the terms and conditions listed below. Users are requested to study these terms and conditions in detail before using the service. By using this service, users are deemed to have agreed to abide by the terms and services prescribed herein. Users unwilling to be bound by these terms and services are requested to immediately cease to use this website.


1) Conditions

in service provision: ICT’s website was created as a public service for the convenience of interested parties. It serves as a source of knowledge and a means to search for information on electronic transactions. Information displayed is general knowledge or official information and news that ICT allows to be disclosed to the general public. The use, downloading or copying thereof shall comply with the ICT website’s conditions on general service provision. ICT reserves the right to discontinue, change, rectify, cancel or revise the information on the website at any time without giving advance notice.


2) Intellectual Property Right

ICT is the owner of the copyright or intellectual property right of the content displayed on this website, which include texts, articles, images, video content, audio content and graphic content, and computer programs (altogether referred to as “the content”), unless otherwise expressly indicated. ICT has the right to control the use of such content. Duplication, modification, storage, transfer, copying, and publication of the content, or any act that violates the copyright or intellectual property right without ICT’s advance written content is prohibited. Exceptions are given only in the case of personal use, printing, or downloading of the content displayed on the website, provided that the user shall not delete statements regarding the copyrights or intellectual property rights from the content.


3) Reservations

Information displayed on this website comes from several sources and is presented in the condition received from sources that are likely to be reliable. However, ICT cannot attest to its accuracy or integrity for commercial use or any other purposes. Users shall use their own discretion and shall be informed that any article, recommendation, or opinion shown on this website belongs to the person presenting such information. It does not mean that ICT agrees with or accepts these articles, recommendations, or opinions, unless it is otherwise expressly indicated.


4) Privacy Policy

Details of the policy regarding protection of users’ personal information can be found in ICT’s Privacy Policy.


5) Website Linkage

Linkage to another website is only a service for users’ convenience. ICT has neither connection with nor any power to control or certify the accuracy or reliability of or to be responsible for the content of other websites. ICT takes no responsibility for the content of websites linked to its website or any damage arising from visiting such websites. In the case that users wish to link to ICT’s website, they may link to the homepage of ICT’s website by sending a written request to ICT. Linkage to other pages of this website requires ICT’s written consent. In giving such consent, ICT reserves the right to set any condition thereon. ICT shall not be responsible for any content displayed on the website that is linked to its website or any damage arising from the use thereof.


6) Right to Access

ICT reserves the right to improve or rectify its website or its content at any time, and the right to refuse or limit accessibility to this website by any person or from any IP address without notice or without giving reasons.


7) Exemption from Liability

ICT shall not be liable for any damage, including damage, loss, or expenses arising directly or indirectly as a result of or in connection with users’ access to this website or other websites linked to this website. Nor shall ICT be liable for damage, loss, or expenses arising from functional failure, error, omission, discontinuation, deficiency, lack of integrity, or computer viruses, even though ICT is notified that such damage, loss or expenses may arise. Moreover, ICT shall not be liable for website users or any person for any claims arising from such websites or any content including decisions or acts arising from users’ trust in the said content, or any direct or indirect damage that may occur. Users accept and realize that ICT shall not be responsible for any act of users.


8) Damage indemnification

In the case of damage caused to ICT due to legal proceedings, enforcements of claims, liability indemnification, or any expense (including lawyer’s fee) arising from users visiting the website, users shall indemnify ICT against such damage. This is regardless of whether or not it is caused by users’ failure to comply with the conditions in using this service.


9) Reservations of right to operate a website

ICT reserves the right to change or suspend the use of this website at any time without giving notice to users and without liability to users or third parties. In the case of any change on the website, users are deemed to have accepted such change. ICT can also deny any person the right to use its website, in whole or in part, without advance notice.


10) Governing Law

These service conditions shall be construed and enforced in accordance with Thai laws.


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